UQ Staff and affiliates can submit their UQ Reportal (BusinessObjects) access request by logging in below. Please note:

  • You will need a valid UQ Sign In to login below. If you do not have one, please contact ITS (Ex: 56000).
  • All application requests will be emailed to your supervisor for authorisation. Where this has been selected, finance requests will also be emailed to a finance approver.
  • Once approved, applications are usually processed within 24 hours. You will be updated on the approval process via email.
  • New and existing users are encouraged to complete the various BusinessObjects training courses available online.

Conditions of access

I declare that no one will use the username from this application other than myself. I understand that the misuse of data accessed via this username is unauthorised. I will ensure data is accessed where it is necessary to carry out a particular function or administrative activity. I will also ensure that any data I extract is only made available to individuals who have access to the same 'operational' data via the University's Central Administration Systems or are authorised to view such data.