Director, Planning and Business Intelligence, Dr Clare Hourigan


The University operates in an increasingly complex internal and external environment, within this context the Planning Office is a key resource to the University's senior management and broader community. The role of the Planning Office is to provide management information and analysis to support evidence-based decision making.

The Planning and Business Intelligence Office is headed by the Director (Planning and Performance Analysis), and is structured into two sections:

  • Planning and Performance Analysis
  • Business Intelligence

The Planning and Performance Analysis group, reports to the Deputy Director (Planning and Performance Analysis), whilst the Business Intelligence reports to the Associate Director (Business Intelligence).

Dr Clare Hourigan, Director 7 334 60620

Dr Hourigan is responsible for providing strategic analysis and advice to the Vice-Chancellor, Chief Operating Officer and other senior management on matters related to planning, strategy, institutional performance and government policy. Clare pro-actively leads the Planning group in providing a client focussed service to all UQ staff in a range of areas from federal government reporting, business intelligence, load modelling, admissions, student satisfaction and graduate outcomes.

Planning and Performance Analysis Group

The Planning Office plays a critical role in formulating the University’s strategic and operational agendas, monitoring and reporting on performance, undertaking strategic information analysis including environmental scans and supporting quality assurance initiatives.

Jenny Gill, Manager Load Planning +61 7 336 59195

Jenny is responsible for the preparation of student load and income projections, monitoring compliance with the University’s funding agreement for Commonwealth Supported Places, undertaking admissions monitoring, reporting on the University’s progress against its planned student load, and undertaking institutional research activities that investigate and analyse trends and scenarios in relation to student numbers and funding. She has previously worked as a School Manager, Faculty student adviser, and has been involved in various analytical and data visualisation projects within the Planning Office.

Michelle Boswell, Senior Planning & Performance Analyst +61 7 344 31319

Having worked at UQ for a number of years across different organisational units, Michelle has developed experience across a large range of the available datasets. Michelle specialises in the admissions data, dashboard visualisations and international ranking submissions whilst also providing assistance to Jenny in producing load planning reports.

Ashley Perkins, Planning Analyst +61 7 334 61698

Ashley undertakes research and analysis across wide range of data sources used for the production of planning and performance management information at UQ. Ashley has gained extensive experience reporting on the national student satisfaction surveys, mapping of student admissions data and reporting on the Federal government’s higher education student data.

Kathleen McDonnell, Reporting Analyst +61 7 336 52631

Kathleen manages the co-ordination of UQ's statutory reporting requirements for the Australian Government’s Higher Education Student Data Collections, including data quality control and assurance.

Alex Douglas, Planning Support Analyst +61 7 336 51090

Alex has recently joined the Planning Office after working as a Business Intelligence Cadet and a Data Warehouse Developer with Griffith University for a period of two years. He is responsible for providing statistical information to aid in the University’s planning and performance management through the analysis and production of a broad range of quantitative reports whilst also providing support to Kathleen in preparing the Federal government’s higher education student data.

Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group supports UQ’s business intelligence and analytical needs by providing data and reports via the UQ Data Warehouse and UQ Reportal. BIG is responsible for the management, maintenance and development of the UQ Data Warehouse, UQ Reportal and BusinessObjects reports. The UQ Data Warehouse is the repository for business intelligence at UQ , while the UQ Reportal enables access to BusinessObjects reports and data.

Business Intelligence Group, PBI Support +61 7 336 52595

PBI Support staff are available to assist with all UQ Reportal queries, including accessing and modifying standard reports, bespoke reporting, publishing to Unit Reports, BusinessObjects training and data source/UQ Data Warehouse development.