Student Evaluation of Course and Teacher (SECaT)

The Student Evaluation of Course and Teacher (SECaT) surveys give students the opportunity to provide feedback on their learning experiences at UQ. It is a questionnaire that combines evaluation of course and teaching in one instrument. Students will be invited to participate in a SECaT for each course they enrol in each semester,.


Click here for access to the following SECaT reports:

  • SECaT Summary, 5 Year Trend
  • SECaT Course and Teaching Report
  • SECaT Course Report
  • SECaT Teaching Report
  • SECaT Faculty Course Report
  • SECaT School Course Report


Student Evaluation of Tutor (SETutor)

The Student Evaluation of Tutor (SETutor) is a survey where students evaluate their experience of tutorial and other small group learning experiences usually led by a tutor. 


Student Strategy Survey
The Student Strategy Survey aimed to collect information from students to inform the development of the UQ student strategy. The survey examined student engagement, post-graduation preparedness and employability, course experience and assessment perceptions, and views on support services offered etc.

Click here for access to the following Student Strategy Survey reports:

  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Questions
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Questions Mapped to Reports
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Access to Information
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Campus Experience
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Choice and Community
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Employability
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Flexibility
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Programs and Courses
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Support Services
  • UQ Student Strategy Survey - Teaching and Assessment


Student Experience Survey (SES)
The Student Experience Survey (SES) is a national survey conducted by the Social Research Centre (SRC). This survey uses data from current students to help higher education providers and the government gain insights into students’ experiences, and to monitor and improve teaching and learning in Australia. The SES was previously named the University Experience Survey (UES).

Click here for access to the following SES reports:

  • SES satisfaction measures - comparison with other universities
  • SES satisfaction measures - UQ faculties

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)
The Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) is a survey conducted by the Social Research Centre (SRC). This survey uses data from recent graduates to gain further insights into graduate destinations, such as further study or employment, allowing higher education institutions to enhance teaching and learning in Australia, and improve outcomes for graduates.
The Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal (GOS-L) provides graduates with the opportunity to express their views on their course three years on from graduation.

Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS)
The Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is used to measure employer satisfaction with graduates’ generic skills, technical skills and work preparedness. Future year ESS surveys are currently in development.

Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)
The Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) was a national survey of recent graduates, conducted by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA). It comprised the Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) and, depending on the graduate, either the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) or Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ). This survey was used to obtain information regarding graduates’ course experiences, employment outcomes, and further study status.
The AGS is no longer in use, and has been replaced with the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS).

Click here for access to the following AGS reports:

  • User guide for AGS Universe
  • AGS Training Manual
  • CEQ comparison with other universities, 5 Year Trend
  • CEQ UQ Faculty and School, 5 Year Trend
  • CEQ UQ Program and Level, 5 Year Trend
  • GDS Comparison with other universities, 5 year Trend
  • GDS UQ Faculty and Program, 5 Year Trend

Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE)
Data gathered from the Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE) was used to study the time and effort students commit to educationally purposeful activities, and to understand students’ perceptions of the quality of other aspects of their university experience.

This survey is no longer in use.

Click here to access UQ’s report for the Australasian Survey of Student Engagement.