New UQ Reportal — Upgrade to BusinessObjects 4.3


PBI is pleased to introduce the latest upgrade to UQ’s analytics and reporting platform, UQ Reportal, now powered by BusinessObjects 4.3 and available to all UQ staff.

The new UQ Reportal remains the best place to find answers to current and future operational and strategic questions, and continues to provide access to an extensive range of corporate data and reports, covering domains such as student enrolments, HR, finance, research, student surveys and more. With enhanced features such as a modern interface, easier data linking and improved data visualisations, analysis and reporting is even more effortless.

Both new (4.3) and legacy (4.2) versions of UQ Reportal will run in parallel until at least April 2024, so you can start exploring the new features and benefits that will elevate your analysis and reporting experience today!

What’s new?


 At a glance:

  • Enhanced user interfaceModern look with a responsive and intuitive design:
    The new BI Launchpad makes it quicker and easier to access and organise reports. Clearly navigable buttons and tiles, and a sleek and user-friendly interface, makes analysis and report creation more intuitive. The responsive interface ensures you can access and interact with content on various devices seamlessly.

  • Better report interaction and data explorationInnovative new functions and intuitive prompts:
    Explore data and gain insights more efficiently using improved interactive features including ‘Data Mode’ to easily combine data from different sources, ‘Folding’ to create focused and interactive tables that can expand and contract rows and columns of data, and a streamlined query prompt format that simplifies setting parameters and filters in reports.

  • Content management optionsEnhanced functionality to customize your experience:
    Personalise your UQ Reportal experience using the new Favourites feature and BI Launchpad to organise frequently used reports, dashboards, and even entire categories. The enhanced search makes it quicker and easier to discover content such as reports, dashboards, and other documents.

  • Dashboard designImproved visualisation elements:
    Create more impactful and insightful reports with advanced chart and graph capabilities.

  • Improved performance Faster, more responsive interactions:
    Performance optimisation allows you to make informed decisions faster than ever with efficient report loading and data processing.

  • Enhanced security Single Sign-On (SSO) for a secure and convenient experience:
    Data security is our top priority. BusinessObjects 4.3 reinforces security features to keep your data safe and compliant with UQ’s standards.

  • Mobile-friendly design Improved mobile support:
    Enjoy a responsive design that adapts to your screen size, allowing you stay connected to your data and access insights on any device.

  • Export and Distribution User-friendly export and print functions with more options:
    The updated export feature makes it easier to share and distribute reports and dashboards in different formats, now including HTML.

    Important: Please note that exporting data removes the security offered by accessing reports in UQ Reportal. To ensure you understand your responsibilities when exporting data, please refer to UQ’s data governance guidelines at

    If you have questions about exporting data from UQ Reportal, please contact

What stays the same?

  • No functionality has been lost, so you can continue to use familiar and effective report features.
  • The extensive data collections that underpin UQ Reportal reports, remain unchanged.
  • Category structure (e.g. Student, Staff, Finance) is maintained, so you can easily navigate to your preferred reports in 4.3.
  • All Standard Reports are now available in 4.3 so you can transition seamlessly to the new version.

How to upgrade

Our dedicated support team will guide users through this change via targeted engagement events, online support resources and regular communication.

To ensure a smooth transition, we encourage users to:

To-do Details
  • Attend one of our information sessions
    PBI Support is hosting regular information sessions to run through key changes, new features, answer questions and respond to concerns and curiosities from the UQ Reportal user community.

    Sessions are available in-person or online via Zoom, and we can come to your campus by request.

Contact to register your interest in attending a session and we will let you know what dates/ times are available. We can also schedule a bespoke session for your team if needed.

  • Move your personal reports to 4.3
    Transfer your personal reports to the new environment by copying and pasting your documents into the '4.3' folder of your My Favourites.

    We encourage users to take this opportunity to review and organise their documents, and only bring across those that are up-to-date and useful.

To transfer your personal documents, please follow these steps:

  1. Copy and paste personal folders and/or reports into your '4.3' folder (don't forget reports in your inbox!)
  2. Background process runs every 10 mins to pickup & move reports
  • Access transferred reports from the '4.3' folder in new UQ Reportal, located in Personal Folders.

Video guide available here: Transferring reports to the new UQ Reportal

  • Start using 4.3

Login here:

  • Remember to update your UQ Reportal bookmarks!

New link:

Support Resources

The following resources have been developed to support users transition to version 4.3.


Video Contents
Reading Mode Overview Create a Personal folder to save reports
Use Input Controls to filter data
Use the Drill Filter Bar
Print and export reports
Send reports to other UQ Reportal users
Save reports to your training folder
Transferring reports to the new UQ Reportal How to transfer reports from the existing UQ Reportal to the new Reportal (4.3)
BI Launch Pad overview How to navigate the new UQ Reportal homepage (BI Launch Pad)


Word Doc Guides

  1. Overview of Changes - Provides a high-level overview of the major changes in version 4.3.
  2. Function Changes (Reading Mode) - This document covers functions available when a report is in Reading mode.
  3. Function Changes (Design Mode) - This document covers functions available when a report is in Design mode.


If you have any questions, feedback or would like additional assistance, please email

External Resources

The thumbnails below link to external videos that PBI have found useful when learning about BusinessObjects 4.3

Key Dates

Key Milestone  Planned Start Planned Finish Status
Version 4.3 available for use August 2023 N/A
Review and transfer of personal reports in 'My Favourites' August 2023 April 2024 In Progress
Upgrade information sessions/ workshops August 2023 N/A
In Progress
Support resources available on PBI's 'Upgrade' webpage August 2023 Resource Library will be continually updated throughout 2023 and 2024 In Progress
Planned retirement of 4.2 environment TBA
TBA Not yet started




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